First Timers

Putting yourself in the dental chair can be stressful. So, we understand that watching your child climb into a dental chair for first time can be even more so. We will do everything we can to make sure it’s a fun and seamless experience for both of you. Call to schedule a tour before your first appointment—we’ll show you (and your child) around. This will give your child the opportunity to check things out before we touch any dental instruments. Who doesn’t love a field trip?!

Feel free to email us with any detailed questions or concerns.


Become A Patient

It’s easy to get started. How easy? Well, seeing as most of our patients can count to three...

1. Call in and tell us you’re new, set up an initial appointment or ask any questions you’ve got on your mind.

2. We’ll email you a link to fill out a few forms online prior to your child’s visit.

3. Prefer to do things with a pen and pencil? No problem. Download them below.



Online Forms

To access our E-forms, please call the office and leave your name and email. We’ll send you a link for fast access.

To access our downloadable online forms for convenient printing at home, please click the links below.


Hillsborough Pediatric Dentistry requires the above mentioned forms at the time of the patients' first check-up. 

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What to Expect

We like to start things the same way every time: a cleaning and an exam. But not like the adults do it with sterile walls and never-ending small talk. It’s way more fun than that.  And once we’ve assessed your child’s needs, we’ll follow through with x-rays and fluoride. Together, we’ll make a plan for your child’s treatment, keeping their experience, their comfort — and most importantly — their smile in mind. You’ll leave wishing you could be a patient here too!

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Payment Information

Contact the office any time for specific questions about insurance and payment methods. And please—don’t be shy. We will file with any insurance plan, and are willing to discuss all options available.

When I eat candy I use different teeth that you can’t see.
— Jacob, 5