Our Mission:

Nice to see you!

We’re so pleased to be joining the community, while helping your child develop a positive, ongoing dental experience. We’re here to help. Get ready to hear that a lot! It’s the treatment you can expect at Hillsborough Pediatric Dentistry. Because here, a small smile just means a little more.


Our Purpose

A smile says it all. Here at Hillsborough Pediatric Dentistry, the focus is always on providing dental care that is comfortable and fun. For your child, and for you. And the moment you see them sit a little taller in the chair and smile a little wider—that’s when we know it’s working.

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We are always available to talk (well, almost always). Give the office a call or try us via email and we’ll be happy to help!

Coming to see my dentist feels like my teeth are getting a big hug.
— Jordan, Age 7